A Take on Menswear

“Borrowing it from the boys.”

blazer (boohoo) – top (gap) – pants (ivanka trump; similar here and here) – socks (walmart) – oxfords (Sorrento, Italy; similar) – white rose earrings (etsy) – silver ball doubles (kohls) – glasses (warby parker)

Hello everybody! Happy Friday and all that jazz.

Ya know how weeks can either zip by where Monday feels like yesterday or they can take 6-and-a-half ages (precisely) to finish themselves up? Well, this week is the latter for me: it has felt like literal eternity.

And, ya know why this happens? Because when you leave yourself in anticipation of an event to come around, it likes to take its sweet time. My event takes shape in a 5-foot curly-haired beauty queen.

You got it. My momma’s comin’ to Hillsdale today.

T-minus 3.5 hours until she comes! I can’t wait.

We did a little getaway like this one last semester as well, and it’s exactly what I need. Sometimes the only thing that can bring comfort is painting your nails and having deep chats over Mexican food (our personal favorite) with your mom. And we are going to explore Ann Arbor because the more adventure, the better.

I am verrrrry, very blessed to have such an extraordinary mother who would make the 5-hour trek over to Michigan just to spend a few days with her youngest. Love you momma.

Anyways. Back to business.

If any of you were a bit taken aback by the title of my post today, never fear. I promise I’ll explain myself.

So, my process of deciding what to wear for the day happens the night before. I am constantly perusing the interwebs and my trusty bloggers to give me some inspiration on what I should wear next.

Originally, I had planned on sticking with this striped top, but was going to go for a more casual look, maybe pairing it with a leather jacket and skinny jeans. But as I was falling asleep (literally), an idea sparked in my brain to go with a menswear vibe.

So Allure did a piece late last year about the history of women wearing suits and it’s actually quite fascinating. The 1870s is the date they say is essentially the first time a woman was seen wearing a suit: actress Sarah Bernhardt, which she called her “boy clothes”.

As the decades went on, women wearing pants has, quite obviously, becoming more and more mainstream. What’s interesting, though, is not that women wear pants but that women – ordinary women, not just CEO’s and Hillary Clinton – are incorporating pantsuits into their everyday wardrobe. Even leading ladies in the entertainment industry, like Beyoncé and Rihanna, are rocking the blazer-tailored pants look.

I wouldn’t consider my personal style overly preppy, but a look like the one I’m wearing today is refreshing and sophisticated every once in a while.

Also, the shoes. Okay my shoes have to be my favorite part of this entire outfit. I bought them in Sorrento, Italy this summer and I just love them. They combine the traditional oxford look with a more modern rubber heel that gives them eccentricity (and gives me some height). Shout-out to Italians for making quality shoes (and pasta).

What do you think about the menswear trend? Lemme know in the comments.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends, even if you don’t get to see your momma’s. Maybe give them a call – that’d be nice.

xoxo Maria

Photographs by Hannah Hayes

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