How to Dress For a Summer Wedding

4 simple steps to find the perfect summer wedding outfit…

dress (Free People – similar) – long earrings (H&M – similar) – pearl hair pins (Icing) – shoes (not shown; Lane Bryant)

Hello friends! Happy wedding season.

My beautiful cousin Katie married the love of her life last night. They picked the backyard of a country house on the lake to house the ceremony (they even arrived by boat!) and a large warehouse/barn for the reception. The whole shebang was simple and classy, complete with dancing and cornhole.

Summer is the perfect season for weddings — I am attending 3 this summer, including my brother’s! The mosquitos haven’t completely come out yet, the flowers are in bloom, and if you can get the rains to hold off, the air is warm and inviting.

I love weddings. It is such an amazing experience to watch two people make the commitment of a lifetime. I can only hope I can have one too, someday.

Okay, enough with the sap, let’s get into how to dress for a summer wedding

    1. Find the perfect dress. This first step is arguably the most important one. As mentioned above, my dress is from the brand Free People. I found it at a Boston Store Clearance Center a few months ago, and it was such a steal. BSCC reduced the dress from $120 to $40. I just about jumped over the moon. Also, the flowy-ness of it made it so fun to dance in! But, since steals like this only happen every once in a long while, here are 50 more ideas for that perfect summer wedding dress.
    2. Find comfy shoes. Comfortable shoes are also majorly important. Though not shown above, I wore some lace up espadrille wedges from Lane Bryant. They are in a neutral beige-ivory color, so they pretty much match every outfit I need a simple, yet pretty, wedge for. I love the lace up detailing as well; it gives me that Grecian-goddess-yet-casual vibe.
    3. Simple makeup. I didn’t get a great picture of my makeup, but I chose a rose gold-dominated palette. I paired rose gold glitter to accentuate my eyes, a bold brow, and a subtle rose colored lip. I strayed away from eyeliner (cat eyes are a bit too dramatic for this look). This ethereal, mystical look is all about embracing the natural, God-given flowers, plants, and facial features.
    4. Choose fun accessories! The last step (and the most fun one!) is to find some lovely accessories to accent your look. I chose these gold, long, leaf earrings from H&M that cascaded down my face, my trusty gold cross necklace, and some haloed pearl hair pins from Icing. Not too much to draw attention away from the dress, but just enough to add to the graceful ambiance.

And there you have it! Those are my 4 steps to find the perfect outfit for the perfect wedding.

I hope you enjoy any summer weddings you attend, and I hope this gave you a couple ideas on how best to dress for ’em.

Thank you for reading, and, as always,

xoxo Maria

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