Florals + A Café Garden

A cooler look for crummy weather whilst appreciating the beauty of nature (and floral blouses!).

earrings (Trades of Hope – Haiti) – blouse (Snow White by LC Lauren Conrad) – boyfriend jeans (H&M) – booties (Zara) – bracelet (similar)

Hello, friends! Welcome back to my blah-g.

Blah because the weather is crum-city over in MKE. I’m currently sitting next to the window in my brother and sister’s apartment watching the rain pour down, hearing the thunder boom, and smelling the fresh smell of rained-on grass.

I hope all of you had a fun Father’s Day weekend — my family sure did. Saturday we were able to head to Green Bay to see Billy Joel perform live at Lambeau Field.

  1. Billy Joel was awesome. If you aren’t as familiar with the crooner, you may know Piano Man or, my personal favorite, She’s Always a Woman.
  2. As some of you know, I am only a Packers fan by blood, not by practice, but even so, it was cool to see my brothers’ eyes light up at the sight of Lambeau. It was like they arrived at heaven’s gates or somethin’.

Oh, also, I start my internship with College Fashion on July 1st! I will keep all of you abreast with the articles I write and all that jazz, but I am so excited for this incredible opportunity. My mind is already going crazy with article ideas.

Now, onto this current outfit…

These pictures are actually from a bit ago, back when I was in Hillsdale with my lovely photographer, Hannah Hayes. I waited for a rainy day like today to post this outfit because it fit better, now that it is summer and most days will be 80 degrees and beautiful.

In these pictures, Hannah and I were exploring a secret garden, tucked away inside one of my favorite Hillsdale cafés, Jilly Beans.

The colors in this café garden are absolutely insane. Crazy beautiful trees, crazy beautiful terraced walls, crazy beautiful purple lilacs. We were on cloud 9.

The blouse I am wearing is a dainty one from Lauren Conrad (one of my most favoritest designers) that I got for Christmas last year. It’s from her Snow White/Disney collaboration at Kohls and it definitely reminds me of the flick, with the flowers and cute birds adornments. I paired this blouse with my trusty boyfriend jeans and booties, and added some gold jewelry to make it sparkle.

ALSO, before I forget, my hair (low bun, middle part) was a very atypical occurrence for me. It was one of the first times I had worn my hair in a middle part in public. I give all my credit to this post by Taylor Sterling of one of the Olsen twins…

so cute!!

…and I felt I must recreate it.

So there you have it! A crummy weathered day turned flowers&lilacs.

Have a beautiful week, friends.

xoxo Maria

P.S. Before you go — check out today’s Beautiful You challenge:

Day 23: Realize that you are what you pay attention to

What we pay attention to, what we put energy into, is a statement about what is important to us. It is a reflection of who we are.

Today, reflect on what you pay attention to, what you give priority, and what you put your energy into on any given day. If we are what we pay attention to, are you comfortable with this reflection of you? If not, how can you adjust your energies to more accurately reflect who you are at your core?

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