Happy 4th of July!

My Independence Day look…

hair bow (Etsy) – top (TJ Maxx; similar) – jean shorts (Gap)

Hello everyone! Happy 4th. ūüôā

Goodness, summer is¬†flying by. I cannot believe it’s already July. It’s, like, almost Christmas.

I have to admit, my family doesn’t typically do the whole 4th-of-July-fiesta kinda thing. Typically, we went to the Greendale Parade in the morning (because I danced in it in high school) and then¬†maybe watched the fireworks at night. Sometimes.

I don’t know why we don’t have super solid traditions for this holiday; perhaps it’s because we put all our eggs in the Christmas basket.

However, I am pleased to announce we¬†are doing some fun shtuff this time around! My eldest brother, Greg, is turning 30 on Friday!! So, instead of waiting until the big day, we are celebrating his end/beginning of a decade today. Food, cornhole, cards…the whole lot.

Also,¬†one teensy more thing: my¬†first blog post on College Fashion is going up today! I am not sure what time exactly, but it’s all about the trend of embroidered skirts. So please check it out if ya like. And, just so you know, from now until December, I will be having one blog post go up on CollegeFashion.net every Tuesday. Be sure to check the site weekly for my posts about fashion trends, college life stuff, and more!

Okiedoke, so for my Independence day outfit, I chose my trusty high-waisted jean shorts from the Gap (a must have, I must say) paired with this adorable beige crochet blouse my best frand, Jen, got for me for my birthday. Finally, I topped this look off with a red hair bow from an Etsy store. Super simple, no shoes required. A perfect look for a family day!

As for makeup, I got dolled up with some bright orange and maroon eyeshadows (or as my sister calls ’em, “sunset eyes”) and a classic nude lip.

And, my nails! Love getting into the spirit with a 4th of July themed manicure. Thank you First Lady Nails for doing them just right.

OH, and if you were wondering, I skipped out on earrings today because I’ve decided to give my ears a break. After wearing earrings and doubles every day for 10 years, my ears deserve to have an easier load for a bit. It’s hard though — I feel naked without earrings in!

Alright, there you have it, my 4th of July look. Enjoy time spent outside on this beautiful day, and, of course, thank God for America ??

xoxo Maria

P.S. Before you go, check out today’s Beautiful You challenge…

Day 30: Name the Beautiful

We often use a different standard of beauty for ourselves than we do for others. Today, name the people you know that you find beautiful. What is it that makes them so beautiful to you? Do you use the same standard when judging yourself? 

I know that I don’t! I’m¬†so much harder on myself than on others. Thinking about who I find beautiful and what makes them so made me realize that I love when people are¬†kind,¬†compassionate, and¬†good listeners. When I look at myself, I think about how flabby my arms look or if my stomach is sucked in. Those characteristics I don’t look for in others, so why do I look for them in myself?

Be kind to yourself, friends. We are all beautiful. No matter what.

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