Well, Hello There.

All pictures taken with the camera featured here -- Canon Powershot g7 x

All pictures taken with the camera featured here — Canon Powershot g7 x


So this is what it’s like to have my very own blog. I have to say – this is pretty cool.

Hi everybody, my name is Maria Heinen. Welcome to the Rose and Curl.

I hail from the great city of Milwaukee in the frigid state of Wisconsin. We eat lots of cheese here. And drink lots of milk.

I am the youngest of 6 children (4 boys and 2 girls) and it is safe to say that my family means the world to me.

As for my interests —

  • I believe in accessories and their abilities to transform an outfit. I also believe one’s clothing, style, look, etc. is the most brilliant (and most fun!) form of expressing one’s character and personality. Fashion = expression.
  • I adore the color (and flavor) mint.
  • And mint oreo ice cream is necessary. It’s just necessary.
  • Pride & Prejudice is my all-time favorite book.
  • This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco will play at my wedding. It has been my anthem since freshman year of high school and will presumably continue to be forever and after.
  • I have an adoration for antique shops and vintage things. The older, the better.
  • I am not an introvert, but I am not an extrovert. I’m somewhere in the middle. A vert(?).
  • Sports and I don’t really mix. I’m from Wisconsin so I am basically required to be a Green Bay Packer fan, but I’m really not. (*Shhh*, don’t tell my brothers).
  • In saying that, however, I dance and have been dancing since I could walk. That counts, right?
  • I adore writing. Letters. Journaling. Poetry. Words. I guess that’s what this place is for.

And that’s a bit about me. Want to know more? Questions? Concerns? Let me know in the comments below, or email me @ .

XOXO Maria

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