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Say hello to‘s newest writer!

Hello everybody and happy Friday.

I write this from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a large vacation home found on VRBO. My hard-working and amAZing sister-in-law, Krista, is graduating from seminary at Bethel UniversitySafe to say, we are a very proud fambam.

Minneapolis is a wonderful city, chock full of interesting restaurants, shops, and town names (like Dinkytown). My urban-loving mind is über excited right now.

SO I have big news.


I have landed my first internship. Before I get into the nitty gritty, let me take you on a trip down memory lane…

It’s early 2015. I am a junior in high school, gradually learning more and more about what I like and what I don’t, who I want to be and who I don’t, and which activities I enjoy and which I don’t.

What does 16-year old Maria like? Love? Think about, focus on, dream about?

Fashion. Of course.

And this was not a new realization per say, but rather a gradual accumulation of events that landed me where I am today, writing for my own personal style blog, and pursuing a career as a Stylist.

Back to 16-year old Maria: She learns that she loves to read, shop, and put together outfits. She doesn’t have a laptop, but that doesn’t stop her from searching for online magazines and websites where she can learn more and more about the fashion world.

In her search, she finds She reads about it. It’s like an online magazine, where contributors write about a whole myriad of topics: fashion trends, haute couture, college activities, dorm life, makeup application, etc., etc. She is VERY intrigued; it’s right up her alley and exactly what she’s looking for.

She is so enraptured that each day when she wakes up, she bolts to the desktop computer to see what is added every day, soaking it all in. She reads it so often that she starts thinking about her own life. Maybe I could have a blog. Maybe I could actually go into the fashion industry, she dreams.

Then, around March 2016, she sees that College Fashion is looking for contributing writers.

I want to do that, she thinks. I want to write for College Fashion.

She reads the spout about the application, and notices the head of the corporation takes preference to people with blogging experience.

So that’s what she does. In May 2016 she begins a personal style blog (the blog you’re reading this on right now), The Rose and Curl. She decides to blog for a year, and then apply for the internship.

Now enter in 18-year old Maria: me. I continued to read College Fashion daily, and blogged as much as I could. March 2017, the College Fashion contributing writers applications open again, and I thought, well, this is it. I did what I planned on. Now it’s time to try. 

So I applied. I was in Michigan, and amidst studying for exams and writing papers, I pounded out an application and tried to express to the College Fashion staff how passionate I am about fashion, writing, and, well, College Fashion. I waited for about two months before I got a reply.

When I saw the head of College Fashion’s, Zephyr Basine, name show up on my Gmail, I thought, well, this is a let down. There’s no way you got it, Maria, not after the year you had. I thoroughly expected not to get the internship; I expected a letter of regret. I psyched myself up for it before the email was opened; I felt ready for rejection.

Welllllll, let’s just say I opened the email and collapsed on the floor with tears.

I got it. I got the internship. Zephyr wrote to me, asking whether I was still interested in writing for College Fashion, and praising me for my application and blog.

Joy. So much joy. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I realized that I am so incredibly hard on myself. I didn’t even allow myself a shred of hope before I looked at that email. I broke myself down before even knowing whether I got it or not.

I protected myself from rejection without even considering the possibility that I would be praised, accepted.

Friends, don’t live the way I did. Don’t set yourself up for rejection. Believe in your capabilities. You are each so unique and special; there is no one in the world like you. I am good enough. You are able to do anything you set your mind to. Let my story give you hope that your goal can be reached, too.

SO there you have it: I am now a Contributing Writer Intern at I feel so very blessed to have been granted this opportunity and I am so excited to start. From July through December I will be contributing one or two blog posts a week on the site. Please check them out if you are interested. (I still get giddy just thinking about it.)

So, friends, I challenge you today to not psych yourself out. Believe in yourself, your talents, and your ability to be uniquely you. I promise you, you can do it.

‘Til next time —

xoxo Maria

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