Take Me Away + New Glasses

top (ross; brand: urban episode) – jeans (forever 21) – sneakers (nike) – socks (macy’s) – belt (h&m) – earrings (dsw) – glasses (warby parker)

Hi everybody. It’s me.

So I have really bad eyesight. Like, real bad.

So bad, in fact, that if I am not wearing contacts or glasses and you put something with words or a picture or anything visually stimulating in front of me, I will not be able to tell you what it is until it is approximately 2.5 inches from my face.

As you might have gathered then, I have needed glasses for most of my life.

I received my first pair when I was around 6 years old. I remember them: they were brown rimmed with pink insides, jewels on the edges, and slightly round in the frames.

I didn’t really like them. They were just a thing I needed to be able to see my second grade teacher’s writing on the board.

Then arrived 6th grade: the magical year that I was able to get my hands on my first pair of contacts. So exciting.

Throughout the years, I’ve gone through a few pairs of glasses, I think maybe 3, which is not too shabby for someone who’s needed them for roughly 12 years of her life.

Now, my last frames I’d had since the 7th grade. My momma loved those. I, being a freshman in college now, was starting to be a bit of sick of them. It didn’t help that they made my oversized eyes look too small and, honestly, they made me look like a 68 year-old librarian.

So it was time. Now why am I telling you this story? Well, because everyone should know my poor eyesight history for one. For two, I want to present to you a magical corporation I was very recently introduced to:

Warby Parker.

This brand is actually incredible. They make eyeglass and sunglass frames for men and women at only $95 a pop. (Unless you need super special extra-thin lenses because you’re blind like me — tack on $30 extra bucks, but still, very cheap).

Now, get this. The best part of Warby Parker, besides their super cute and unique frames and their extremely affordable prices is they let you try on up to 5 frames at home, for free.

With ordering glasses online, a customer may be concerned that they’re ordering a frame without knowing if it actually works with their face structure, the look they’re going for, etc. Warby Parker takes all of those fears away by allowing you to choose which frames you want to try at home before adding your prescription.

I was blown away by this. They sent me my package (again – for free) within a few days, attached a return label, and I had decided on my frames: The Laurel in Tea Rose Fade. Because glasses have transitioned away from just being an eyesight tool to now being a staple in a women’s (or man’s) wardrobe, and being an adequate finishing touch to an outfit, Warby Parker has made it quite simple for allowing people to get cute glasses affordably and know what they’re getting themselves into.

Warby Parker, you have my heart.

Anyways, today I went for a very casual look. Now that I don’t feel like a librarian (or an old woman) in my glasses, I wear them much more often. This look is inspired a bit by thoughts of spring break and being somewhere warm (hence the take me away patch on my striped shirt), and overall is a comfy, casual look for a day of class and reading.

Shoutout to Warby Parker for making cool things + t-minus a month-ish until spring break (Florida here I come…)

xoxo Maria

Photographs by: Hannah Hayes

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