Valentine’s Day 3 Ways: Looks For Every Occasion

3 looks for everything Valentine’s Day has coming your way…

casual — semi-formal — dressy

Hi babes.

Cue the hearts and pink everything: it’s almost Valentine’s Day, a.k.a. the actually legit day of love and butterflies (*cough cough* @ Sweetest Day – no one knows what you’re for anyways).

I’m back with something a bit different today.

Instead of simply showing you one look for Valentine’s Day or another OOTD, I am giving y’all 3 options for Valentine’s Day outfits: one casual, one semi-formal, and one dressy.

Now, this Valentine’s Day is pretty casual for me. I am planning on eating pizza & chocolate, watching a nice rom-com, and relaxing with the girls. It’s too bad Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday rather than a weekend this year, but we can’t have everything.

OH. Before I forget…I don’t want anyone of you to be fooled…

In my last shoot (the dressy one), I was totally faking walking around in those heels. Last weekend I sprained my calf (you can do that? yes.) while dancing. I’m in a boot for a week or so (hopefully). Here is what I actually looked like for that shoot…

But hey, I did the best I could. 😉

Now, let’s get into it, shall we:

First Look: Casual

For rom-com watching, pizza ordering & enjoying being single (ish).

sweater (amazon) – jeans (forever 21) – boots (zara) – earrings (charlotte russe)

Second Look: Semi-Formal

For casual restaurant-attending, bowling, going to see a movie, or other such activities (or if you just want something a lil’ extra).

blouse (francesca’s; brand: miami; similar) – jeans (forever 21) – booties (forever 21; similar) – watch (tj maxx; brand: Christina Malandrino) – earrings (charlotte russe)

Final Look: Dressy

For those of you that have a S.O. and are going on a fancy-shmancy date (or just like to dress to impress).

dress (ross; brand: One Clothing LA) – tights (forever 21) – booties (charlotte russe) – earrings (charlotte russe; similar)

Well, my darlings, that brings us to the end. I hope this post gave you some inspo on what to wear this day of pink, butterflies, hearts & love.

If you feel like you’re alone this V-Day, you’re not. Somebody loves you. Hold on to those that care about you and never let them go.

xoxo Maria

Photographs by my valentine: Hannah Hayes

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